Trump vs Kim Jong Un , or is it the american people vs Kim Jong Un?

It seems that Trump doesn’t take into account the consequences of his bellicose actions.  fueling the fire with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un could very well lead us into a nuclear war. Maybe Trump is not as concerned because he knows that he and his family will be taken to a safe place and the american people will be left to suffer the affects of a nuclear war, lack of food,  long term power outages. and radiation sickness. Is this Trumps war, or our war?

Sandra Scully

November 20, 2017





U.S. and NATO Troops in Afghanistan

After U.S. and NATO troops invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 as part of an operation enduring freedom, the bodies continue to pile up. The numbers of civilians killed in a six month time has reach an all time record high. 2017 has been the most bloodiest war in Afghanistan. But the Taliban is showing major gains and no signs of abating.


DATE: Oct 31, 2017

Do humans use more brain power than other animals

As expected we’d all like to think that humans give all or a large part of their daily calories to their brains.  Although the human brain only makes up 2% of body weight, it consumes more than 25% of our body’s energy budget. But in the act of resemblance of the relative brain costs of 22 species found that, humans aren’t that unprecedented as we’d like to believe. So did the brain first evolve more by taking in a greater calorie uptake or did preexisting cognitive challenges favored individuals that devoted more energy to the brain.

President Trumps new plan on an almost 16 year old conflict in Afghanistan.

While President Trump recently put together a terrible strategy for resolving conflict in Afghanistan that has been going on for almost 16 years, but he has not shared the number of troops committed, or specified the conditions to their mission in Afghanistan.

Mr. Trump said that there would be “no blank” check for the American engagement in Afghanistan, but the president still involved many American troops in a mission that will cause great trouble to his predecessors that are incapable of producing any results , so it’s basically pointless.



Are young female adolescents more prone to depression than fully grown women

Researchers link birth control to depression. However, the findings show that adolescents show more vulnerability to this risk than most women when taking hormonal birth control.

The findings in most hormonal birth control such as the pill shows 30% of the women in the United States quit using the pill due to dissatisfaction with side effects  according to a “2013”  report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Properly identifying that depression is connected with birth control, diagnosing women before their 15th birthday or start of their data collection was excluded.

After analyzing the data, researchers are sure that the use of hormonal birth control was positively linked to a subsequent depression and use of anti-depressants. But it doesn’t take away that adolescents are more prone to depression when taking hormonal birth control.


DATE: October 5, 2016

Is Depression linked to Hormonal Birth Control?

Women have many choices when it comes to birth control. But could taking hormonal birth control be associated with an increased risk of side effect such as depression compared to those who have never used contraception

For decades we have know that women’s sex hormones estrogen and progesterone have some influence on many women’s mood. This is not surprising that an external artificial hormone acting in the same way could influence mood swings and even be responsible for depression development. Using data from the National Prescription Register in Denmark found that there were a 40%  increase risk of depression in women using hormonal birth control in a 6 month time compared to women who did not used a hormonal birth control all.

Having the choice when it comes to birth control is a great thing , but not when it could influence many women mood swings. Early detection such as screening for depression could help as it seems adolescents are more vulnerable than women 20-34 years of age. At the end of the day it is up to the patient and their OB-GYN to decide which method is best for their lifestyle and well being.

SOURCE: Fox News LifeStyle

DATE: May 3, 2017

EPA’s crackdown on some of the most toxic chemicals

Scientist and interest groups are insisting the EPA to limit restrictions on the toxic chemical threats. For years the EPA has struggled to prevent toxic ingredients used in workplaces, homes, and everyday products.

Toxic Chemicals like Asbestos commonly used by chlorine manufacturers. this chemical has been found in certain vehicle breaking systems, asphalt roof coatings, and gasket. It could cause lung cancer, and mesothelioma. Another toxic chemical called Bromopropane used as refrigerant, lubricant, a degreaser, and solvant spray causes dizziness, headaches, and muscle twitching.

I agree with the EPA’s tightly controlled system when it comes to our health. Insisting that their rule on how toxic chemicals are tracked be re-written will directly affect our communities and future health.

SOURCE: New York Times

DATE: October 21, 2017